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 FIFA 11 - 8 Ft 3 Virtual Pro Save

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PostSubject: FIFA 11 - 8 Ft 3 Virtual Pro Save   Fri Sep 16, 2011 3:12 pm

This is a Virtual pro mod save, 8 ft 3 ST with 127Overall.

1)Move personal settings 1 from xbox 360 to USB
2)Put USB into computer and open USBXTAF
3)Keep clicking untill you find Settings 2060123123 or something like that
4)Extract that to your desktop
5)Extract the hacked fifa settings to your desktop aswell (downloaded one)
Drag them both into modio
6)Copy the profile id and system id from your settings to the modded settings
7)Close your settings and click "rehash and resign" on the modded ones
8)Open USBXTAF again and delete the settings already on there and drag your settings into the same place
9)Safetly remove hardware and then wait 30 seconds until you remove your USB from your computer
10)Now on your xbox, move the settings from your USB back onto your xbox and start the game enjoy

Download: http://uploaded.to/file/bx98001x
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FIFA 11 - 8 Ft 3 Virtual Pro Save
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