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  Free EA FIFA Online Pass + Modded Virtual Pro.

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PostSubject: Free EA FIFA Online Pass + Modded Virtual Pro.   Mon Sep 19, 2011 12:24 pm

If you wish to do this mod, I take no responsibility and cannot be held responsible for any suspensions or bannings. If your account becomes corrupt (very unlikely), I again, also take no responsibility.

Before any flamers:

I extracted this EA Online Pass. I have not just downloaded a random one. Yes there are other tutorials about but I cannot see any new ones on this forum.

Firstly download this file:
megaupload.com HOO0JMZD


Now put your profile onto your USB Drive by going onto System Settings>Memory>HDD>Profiles>Your profile>Move to Memory Unit.

Then plug your Usb into Computer/Laptop.

Note: This works with a Transfer cable, if using transfer cable just plug it straight into Computer and carry on Following tut

Firstly, open up USB XTAF.
Go to File>First Drive>Data Partition>E000...>Keep clicking the next folder until you reach your specific profile number.
Right click then extract to desktop.
Drag your profile into Horizon as well as the Online Pass.
Copy your Profile ID's into the Online Pass's profile ID's
Rehash and resign a few times.

Next open up USB Xtaf(in download file) and at the top right click File>Open first USB Drive>Data Partition>Content. Now make a folder in there called: 0000000000000000

Inside 0000000000000000 make a folder called: 454108F3
Inside 454108F3 make another folder called: 00000002

Note: if you are using a Transfer cable then just open the HDD up in Horizon and go to the 0000000000000000 folder and then drag the online pass into it and it should automatically create the destined folders.

Once you are inside 00000002 you are going to drag the Online Pass (file inside download) into 00000002.
Note: If you cannot drag in you either need to turn "UAC settings" off or you can just right click and insert file and find the Online Pass which is inside the ZIP file in the download.

Once that has been done: Go to file and go to "Close current dirve" or something like that and then plug your USB Drive back into your Xbox.

Go to System Settings>Memory>Memory Unit>Profile>Move to HDD.

Once it has been moved you can take your USB out if you want. Then load up FIFA and it should load up normally like it would do with an EA online pass.

If it does not then you have missed a step or done a step wrong so redo it. If, after that, it still doesnt work please PM me with your problem and I will help you as much as possible!

Modded Virtual Pro Download & Tutorial:

Here is the file:
megaupload.com 7MD19LLT


Firstly plug your Usb into Xbox then go to "System Settings">"HDD">Click on "Games">Look for "Fifa 11" click on that then Scroll down until you find "Personal Settings1" click on that and move it to your "usb".

Take usb out & plug in Computer.

Open Horizon & open the usb

Go to the Personal settings1 file and double click it.

Drag the file you downloaded into Horizon and copy the Profile i.d from the File off your usb to the modded Settings and click rehash and resign a few times.

Delete the personal settings1 off your usb and then replace it with the one you downloaded.
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Free EA FIFA Online Pass + Modded Virtual Pro.
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