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  How to mod single player and multiplayer Red Dead Redemption

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PostSubject: How to mod single player and multiplayer Red Dead Redemption   Mon Sep 19, 2011 12:39 pm

Programs/ items you will need:
At least 1gb usb stick
Winrar or some type of extractor

Multiplayer modding

Before you do all this make sure you already have your profile and read dead multiplayer game save on your usb stick.

1. Once you have logged into modio (If you haven't then you need to register) click the picture of the big M in the top left hand corner.
2. Then go down to "Download a gamesave" and click it it should look like this.
3. Once you have clicked that a new screen will pop up and it will say search for a game save. Type in "red dead redemption gave same".
4. You should then click on the first one that pops up and then it should say download gamesave.
6. Then you want to save the game save to your desktop
7. Then click and drag the game save from your desktop to the modio home page.
8. Click save to device. If you did it right it should make you choose what profile then what game.
10. Click your gamertag and then red dead obviously.
11. Then go onto your 360 go to memory and click usb stick.
12. Copy your gamertag and multiplayer red dead over to your harddrive.

Single player modding

1. You want to have your usb stick in your 360 and copy your SINGLE PLAYER game save from original game to your usb stick.
2. Then plug your usb stick into modio then click the big M and go to game mods then click red dead.
3. Then once that is up click load from device at the bottom.
4. From here you can max all of your stats or do what you want with them.
5. after you are done you will need to save to device.
6. Then plug usb stick into 360.
7. Copy the singleplayer gamesave to the new harddrive.
8. Play the game normally.
9. One thing if it takes you to the very first mission than you will need to go to the start menu and click game and load the new game save.
It may say damaged data (or something to that asort) but thats not big deal.

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How to mod single player and multiplayer Red Dead Redemption
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