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 How To Get The Gow 3 Vip Beta *with New Working Link!*

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PostSubject: How To Get The Gow 3 Vip Beta *with New Working Link!*   Mon Sep 19, 2011 3:40 pm

[warn='Always a Risk Of Getting Banned']When modding, there is ALWAYS a chance of getting banned. You will most often NOT get caught, but it is very possible. The developers at Epic Games announced that if you download the beta (any way that doesn't include you redeeming a code) and you are caught, you will be banned from the beta and possibly the game. Mod at your own risk[/warn]
Well if you haven't noticed, there is a beta going on right now and you have the chance to play it! I say that the beta is pretty good, since I have been playing it for quite some time now. Below will help you get the beta and chainsawing those people in half!

:Download for the Beta:.
megaupload.com BEM1IKDT

USB Tutorial

:USB Text Tutorial:.

1.) Download a game demo onto your USB, anyone, it doesn't matter...

2.) Open up your USB with USB GUI Xplorer.

3.) Open Content then the 0000000000000 file.

4.) Make a new folder called 4D5389B9 then inside that make a new folder called 00080000.

5.) Insert the VIP Beta from the zipped file which you downloaded into the 00080000. It will say injecting, just wait a bit, maybe 1-2 minutes!

6.) Plug your USB into your Xbox 360 start the Demo/Beta and it will ask you to update. Update it. You might get a black screen. Just wait for a little bit longer you will get an update

7.) The update is 501 Mb so find something to do for a little bit.

8.) Play and chainsaw some horde!

You can't use Modio for this! Modio will inject the game but the game will become corrupted since Modio sucks!

To get the 0000000000000000 folder just download any random game demo from Xbox LIVE.

Use USB XTAF Xplorer 44, it is what I used!

Move the beta from your USB to your HDD then back to your USB again, if you beta is freezing or something like that. Supposedly works.

If you beta freezes at a black screen when you start it then just restart your Xbox 360. If that doesn't help then reinject it but wait longer then you did last time.

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How To Get The Gow 3 Vip Beta *with New Working Link!*
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