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 How to turn Ipod 4 into Iphone.. Apple Peel 520 Setup

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PostSubject: How to turn Ipod 4 into Iphone.. Apple Peel 520 Setup   Fri Sep 16, 2011 6:44 am


First of all..
What Is The Apple Peel 520?
Answer: The Apple Peel 520 is a device made for the ipod 4 changing it into an Iphone.

How Do you do this you may ask?

Step 1
Go to this link to order one: amazon.co.uk/Yosion-Apple-Second...&qid=1

Step 2
do not take the top of and plug in your ipod!! bottom.

Step 3
Go to Cydia and go to Sources then Edit then Add and add a Source yosion.net/Cydia2 and also add yosion.net/testcydia

Step 4
If you haven't added Cydia.Hackulo.us add it to Sources then install AppSync For 4.0+

Step 5
Go to Manage and then Settings and select Developer and go to Searchand install Respring

Step 6
Go to Search and Install Mobile Substrate

Step 7
go on Cydia then Manage and then Sources and go to the Yosion.net and install the YosionApp

Step 8
Insert the Sim Card into the side and push it in until it clicks.

Step 9
hold the red button down on the side for 5 seconds until it vibrates then insert the ipod slide the top on then respring/reboot your ipod and YOUR DONE!!! and you can text and call.


as you can see in the top left it says Ipod. it has wifi and signal it also has 2 batteries it has Phone and messages

If You Get a IMEI/SN error when signing up simply delete the Yosion App and then add a Source called Peel520.hk/cydia then add the peel app through that source.
After Re springing your ipod it will go into safe mode turn on the peel and then go to Phone and register again and it should say Success. then Respiring your ipod and it will work
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How to turn Ipod 4 into Iphone.. Apple Peel 520 Setup
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