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  FIFA 11 Mod Tool

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PostSubject: FIFA 11 Mod Tool   Fri Sep 16, 2011 7:45 am

Version 1.0.7
Hopefully Fixed The Index Errors
Added Legacy Editor
Mod XP and Stats
Added NHL 2011 Tool (Needs Work)
Change Names
Download And Mod Legend Card
Added NBA 2K11 Tool
Mod Skill, Attributes and Stats
Added Avatar Editor
Edit Avatars Colours
Added Doritos Crash Course Editor
Mod Times
Changed GUI
Improved looks
Fixed Bugs

Version 1.0.6
Fight Night Champion Stats Editor:
Weight Editor
Reach Editor
Mod Height
Mod Stats (Strength, Speed, Endurance, etc)
Change First and Second Names
Fixed a small bug in the Settings Editor

Version 1.0.5
Compiled into 1 exe
Changed dll files
Better Security

Version 1.0.4
Finished Career Mode Editor
Fixed Major Bug In Career Mode Editor
Fixed Drag And Drop In Settings Editor
Added Ability To Edit Player's Position
Added Ability To Edit Player's Kit Number
Added Ability To Edit Player's Preferred Foot
Can Now Edit Wins, Losses, Draws and Games Played In Career Mode
Can Change Career Mode Season and Team's Points
Can Now Change AI and Board Difficulty
Fixed One More Small Bug

Version 1.0.3
Finished Career Mode Editor
Added Drag and Drop Features to Editors
Added Player Picture in Player Calculator
Made Auction House Easier To Use
Made Pack Buyer Easier To Use
Fixed Some Bugs

Version 1.0.2
Added Temporary Career Mode Editor
Fixed Some Stuff
Added Auto Updater

Version 1.0.1
Bug Fixes
Fixed Auto Pack Buyer

Version 1.0.0
Rehash And Resigner
FIFA 11 Settings Editor
FIFA 11 Auto Pack Buyer
FIFA 11 Career Mode Editor
FIFA 11 Player Calculator
FIFA 11 Auction House

V 1.0.7
mediafire.com ?f3b1983rjpq13dd
Password: mattwidz

You Need Net Framework 4:

Coming Soon:
Career Mode Editor
Better layout
More Tools
Auction House Update
Online Squads Editor
Better Features

All copyright goes to mattwidz
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FIFA 11 Mod Tool
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